Sunday, 20 February 2011

great diary

"I was hard at work beneath the cliff, well sheltered from the wind, in the spot which you visited with me; convinced that the tide was drawing out I took no notice of the waves which came and fell a few feet away from me. In short, absorbed as I was, I didn't see a huge wave coming; it threw me against the cliff and I was tossed about in its wake along with all my materials! ... the worst of it was that I lost my painting which was very soon broken up, along with my easel, bag etc."
-- Letter from Monet to Alice Hoschedé from Étretat, 27 November 18854

Redstone Press diary

I have one of these and this is my third year of owning one now, they are truly inspirational, each week has a different piece of artwork or writing, the week beginning 28th of February is the letter above, written by Claude Monet

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