Friday, 4 November 2011

Made a Christmas stocking this morning and veg-box no.1

Some photographs of the books I got yesterday in Southport, great old smell and perfect for improving my gardening skills xxo
These are the plates I got for 20p each the time I was in Southport with my friend Gail. Also some of my home grown goodies x
If you live in Crosby or anywhere in Merseyside I recommend 'Organice Direct' for your veg box, you can contact Kirsty on 0151 7076949 for more info. In my veg box was 4xapples, 5xpairs, 4xclementines, 3xonions, 4xparsnips, 3xcarrots, 4xpotatoes, 3xtomatoes, 10xcherry-toms and the star of the show, a squash/pumpkin of some sort x
I made a Christmas stocking for Mia, my niece and goddaughter this morning. I hope she'll like it, she's just turned one. Conker likes it! xxo

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