Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Growing, drying my own, plus a charity shop find

I found this beauty in the streets on Southport, not literally, but along the main street there is charity shop after charity shop, it is a heavenly day out for the likes of me and there are some superb cafe's to stop at for cream teas. I was out with my good friend G of seventyseventyonedesign when I found this, £2.50 worth of great. I also got some great plates for 20p each, I'll get them up here soon xxo
I started a bit late this year but you see we didn't have a home for a month and then when we finally had somewhere to live the time to sow had passed but I thought, what the heck, I shall try anyway. I planted tomatoes, peas, pumpkins, salad leaves, various herbs and I am growing all bar pumpkins indoors. Pumpkins have flowered, but if they grow before frost set's in is anyone's guess. I hope so. But everything is doing pretty well. Conker has been chewing at the bay leaves that I am drying out, they are from the bay bush in the back garden xxo

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