Thursday, 3 November 2011

Our Day

Chris had the day off today as he's on call this weekend (rubbish) so we went out for the day. With us being new to the area we're still exploring and it's great fun. We started off at an amazing little cafe in Crosby that has goats, chickens and also sells crafts, called 'The Courtyard eatery & gift store' I can't put a link as they don't have a website, not that I can find, it was amazing, just look at the pie! The 'Pietanic' was a fish pie served with mash, peas and gravy.
We then headed off to Southport charity shopping and had a look in this place. I've been in before, it's an incredibly satisfying place to be for the obsessive hoarder in me. I literally don't know where to put my eye's and touching things, everything can be picked up and I must admit, I do smell the books, it's a sensory overload. I bought five books today my favourite is probably 'The gardeners everyday log book' closely followed by 'Everybody's letter writer' if not only for all the old advertisements in the back.
Then we went to pet world to pick up some kitten biscuits and also had a nosey around.
Conker loves her new radiator bed!
Oh and our first veg box came today! I'm pretty happy with it xxo

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  1. Radiator bed! What a fab idea! I would love it too! I had no idea Southport was such a great place for charity shop shopping. My usual haunt is Allerton Road in Liverpool - tons of them.


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