Monday, 9 January 2012

Veg box 7 and 8

In box 7 were 1x bag of sprouts 1x stick of sprouts, sprout overload, 7x mushrooms, 4x apples, 7x bananas, 6x carrots, 4x parsnips, 7x potatoes, 2x onions, 1x leek and also included was an extra bag of christmas apples, how lovely. We took some of our sprouts to Chris' brothers house and ate them with pigs cheek.
Veg-box 8 (this is the one we're still eating) were 6x apples, 3x clementines, 14x mushrooms, 1x broccoli, 3x bananas, 2x leeks, 2x onions, 8x carrots, 9x potatoes. So far I have made a spanish omelette with potatoes and leeks, not sure what else we will have.

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