Tuesday, 27 March 2012

roasted swede soup

I always post about the contents of my organic veg box but seldom post about what I make with the goods so I'm aiming to post more about what I cook using the ingredients from my veg box and the ingredients I take home from Sefton Green Gym. The other day I went on a scavenge and came home with some beautiful plates, a bowl and a storage jar. The bowl inspired me to make some soup. I knew I had a swede in so I thought a roasted swede soup would be perfect. I roasted the swede with rosemary, garlic and a bay leaf for about 30 mins, quite small cubes. I sweated down some onions, carrots and maybe a leak, (I can't remember) then added everything together and poured in 150ml of stock and 100ml of water, I left to simmer for 20 minutes then blended it and sieved it. I then added 100 ml of cream but this is optional, I wanted a creamy soup. It was delicious xxo

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