Sunday, 6 May 2012

Southport Charity Shopping Trip

Yesterday was a great day, I met my good friend Gail in Southport for afternoon tea and a spot of charity shopping. We ate at the Westminster Tea Rooms (I can't put a link to it as they don't have a site) but it feels like how I would imagine being on the Titanic, prior to it's sinking, would have been, very glamourous. We opted for the three tier afternoon tea which as you can see by the picture we were pretty delighted with. After scoffing what we could and taking the rest away with us we started on the charity shops, of which there are many on the streets of Southport. I got some great vintage glasses and holder, a vintage newspaper rack and other little bits. We noticed there was a lad always one shop ahead of us rummaging through all the records and I said "you'll get all the good records if you're always one shop ahead of us" this opened up a conversation which led to Rory (his name) spending the afternoon showing us all the haunts of Southport where the best records and vintage goodies are, it was excellent, thank you very much Rory. I bought two records, Lonnie Mack and Blind Willie McTell. I can take or leave the Lonnie Mack, I thought it may be good as it had a song called 'Chicken Pickin' and in my experience songs with chicken in are pretty good, Hasil Adkins Chicken Walk, but it wasn't so great. The Blind Willie McTell record however is a good find xxo


  1. It was a great day out. We must do it again soon. x

  2. Lucky you for fining those cute glasses!


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