Saturday, 9 June 2012

bits and pieces

after a pretty heavy few weeks starting a new job, running workshops, having interviews, starting placements and completing work for my Masters end of year assessment. I'm exhausted and so far this weekend has been just what I needed. Brunch on the sea front, we sat in the car and watched the water and ships go by, it was so windy the birds were sheltering behind a car. I have a new ring that my lovely boyfriend bought for me. Silver with a pearl on, I've wanted one like it for ages and it arrived a while ago but there was a scratch on it so we sent it back and the replacement arrived in the post today. Afternoon naps, who loves afternoon naps? I do! I have a new scarf I bought from a charity shop yesterday, just drying it by the radiator after a wash. Also bought some lovely books this week, currently reading 'The Langauage Of Flowers' which has started off well, a beautifully presented book, I love the illustrations it was recommended to me by a fellow jeweller Sam Symondson. The first flower of my windowsill tomato plants has arrived, I need to repot them, must do that this weekend, perfect Sunday job I reckon. Conker has so many colours on her. How's your weekend? xxo


  1. Love the first picture, so cute these birds!

  2. Before I fotget again: I made a tutorial about making rubber stamps in the past here:


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