Wednesday, 4 July 2012

chicken stir fry with secret family recipe garlic dip in pittas,

it was delicious, this is my comfort food. The dip is a recipe my uncle gave me and it's the most delicious garlic dip I have ever tasted, it's very very garlicy. The chicken stir fry is simple, no secrets there, the usual, garlic, onions, oil in a wok, salt and pepper and any veg you like. Then into a pitta with some fresh tomatoes and lettuce, the lettuce is from the allotment, even better! A tip with pittas, if you wet both sides before you grill it then is rises beautifully. I learnt it in a really awful bagel shop job I had for two days when I lived in Brighton, at least I took that trick of the trade away with me xxo

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