Sunday, 8 July 2012

new necklace

my friend came to visit a month ago and when she was here I showed her Conker's baby teeth that I had kept in a little envelope with the date on. Kim (my friend) had recently been dabbling in some tooth jewellery using her own baby teeth and offered to take Conker's teeth away and make something for me, lovely! It arrived yesterday and I love it. I am aware some people may think it's weird but Kim, myself and a few others, I have discovered searching online, are well into this type of jewellery, it's a pretty authentic keepsake if you think about it, not dissimilar to a lock of hair in a locket, I think it will catch on, baby teeth in a glass vial pendant. Thank you very much Kim, you can see Kim's work here and also some more tooth jewellery here.


  1. I still have my own baby teeth in a little box, also my wisdom teeth and Sunny's first teeth :) I don't find it weird :)


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