Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sefton Green Gym Wednesday 11th July

Down the allotment today, glorious and delicious (the peas are ready,yum)


  1. gosh it looks like you have a really good crop, enjoy the peas - how will you eat them?

  2. I've had some in a cous cous salad so far, just raw, and I keep just eating them straight form the pod, they just taste so good that way! I'm thinking a pea puree with some scallops maybe?

  3. So many pretty garden pictures!

  4. what are great garden life.
    enjoyed your sunny day photo.

  5. Hay Helen. How are you? its Natalie here (I'm not sure what name will be shown as I changed my blog url to Any way your garden looks lovely and Kimberley Joy Howley told me all about you flower arranging course. It sound wonderful.I hope you are well. I'm going to meet baby Elsie in the beginning of September. I am so excited.
    It would be nice to hear from you.



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