Thursday, 26 July 2012

summer gift swap arrival

When I got back from my holiday in Brighton a parcel had arrived, it was from my summer gift swap pal!!! It was such a lovely well presented parcel with layer after layer which always adds to the excitement.

My gift was from the lovely Evdokia who you can find here at have a ko(o)kie. It's amazing, I am so pleased with everything. Thank you so much xxo

I love the rose red earrings and the fish brooch, and the magnet, bookmarks, photographs. It's all super lovely. I've already worn the brooch, will be wearing the earrings tomorrow and the magnets already on the fridge. I bought some new books whilst in Brighton which the bookmarks will come in very handy for. Thank you again Evdokia xxo you can see more about the swap here on Mina's website.


  1. That looks all very nice!
    The fish brooch is super!

  2. beautiful presentation!
    helen i am glad you liked them all!
    & what a coinsidence that i've send you the bookmarks for your new books! enjoy your reading!

    i wanted to be a follower of you beautiful blog too but the "friend connect" doesn't work...
    i will add you in bloglovin'!

    have a beautiful weekend!!!!

  3. You received very fun presents!

  4. Oh, it took me a while, but now I found yours, too! So adorable and colorful! I'm so glad you like your gifts. Thank you for posting about it.


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