Saturday, 14 July 2012

sweet shop/dad's visit

My dad came to visit the other day and we went for a cycle along the sea front which was great but incredibly hard on the way there but easy on the way back due to the speed of the wind we were riding into, our eyes were watering riding into the wind and it was hard to catch breath, thats how windy it was, but it was sunny and beautiful and lovely to hang out with my Dad. My Dad also bought with him some things for me thats used to belong to his father, my Granddad, who sadly I don't remember so well. He used to make model trains and my Dad bought some drawers and tools he used to use, for me to use for my jewellery making. I loved it all, this is my sweet shop, I could spend all day looking at things like this and usually the items I'm looking at have no connection to me directly, just their own history for me to imagine, but these items, I know where they came from, who made them, what they were used for and it makes it so much more exciting for me. Have you seen how amazing those cigarette tin drawers are! You pull them out using a nail and then open the tin to store little bits of things, AMAZING! I am impressed and pretty giddy about it all actually. Also the dental tools which are used for a dremel type machine, but old style, fascinating. Thank you Dad xxo


  1. I love that wooden drawer!!
    These are some real treasures you've got!

  2. i know! I feel honoured to now own them, I'm also thinking I'm hoping I inherited some of my Grandfathers organisation and initiative x

  3. i just saw your stich.
    they have simple beauty. love the color and peacefulness in them.
    i hope you continue to do some more^^. good night.


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