Monday, 13 August 2012

a book of bees

when I arrived home from my trip away a parcel was waiting for me, it was from the lovely Vibeke at a butterfly in my hair . Vibeke had a book give away and I won which I was overjoyed about, a lovely book about bees. Thank you so much for the parcel Vibeke, it has arrived safely and I have already begun reading and I love it. Thank you for the tea and postcard too. You can see Vibeke's blog a butterfly in my hair here xxo


  1. i am so happy to hear that you are alreday enjoying the book (and also your sweet cat too) : )))

    what an amazing shape on the squash plant/vegetable in the previous post...beautiful and facinating!


  2. it's called an 8 ball courgette, it is fascinating isn't it x

  3. yes it is very fascinating,
    haven't seen it before!

    wishing you a wonderful time together with your friends helen : )


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