Tuesday, 28 August 2012

avocado sprout

My avocado has sprouted, I am very excited! Doing preparation fro a workshop this eve making clay wall plaques as part of the 'look up' project. Eating lamp chops last night with allotment veg, roasted beetroot, fennel and carrot with lemon being a very good combo xxo


  1. pretty bean's color. are they natural color?
    avocado take long time for them to sprout but when it finally did, it is such a joy. congratulations.^^

  2. lady in photo, is that you!
    nice to meet you helen

  3. I never seen beans in those colors, they are beautiful.

  4. yes natural colour, they are called runner beans, they are very beautiful and easy to grow, type runner beans into google images and take a look x

  5. yes me in the photo, with a I've just woken up face and hair style x Hi


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