Friday, 3 August 2012

Brighton no.4

Our final day in Brighton was spent in Lewes and on Brighton sea front before the long drive home with our car-nic that Gaz made us for the journey. We went to a beautiful cafe in Lewes which I miss dearly since we moved from Brighton, called the Buttercup cafe, lovely menu, fresh produce and simple delicious dishes, with excellent decor. I had a lovely time, it was nice to be back, been a whole year since we moved away form Brighton xxo


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, the food looks AMAZING!

  2. thank you for your visit to my blog. Ah I wish I could go away for a little break, this looks wonderful.

  3. it was such a perfect little break, we won't get a holiday this year too any other things need money spending on them so a few days break visiting friends seemed perfect xxo

  4. The food in that cafe is out of this world, truly delicious x


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