Thursday, 30 August 2012

Coco Nature

A beautiful parcel arrived yesterday from Japan off Coco from Coco Nature. I ordered a skirt for my birthday present off my boyfriend. I opened it up and there it was, just as imagined and even better. I love it, it's perfect, simple, elegant and beautiful. But not only did I receive the skirt I had ordered, inside was also a little card and bundle, Coco had ever so sweetly made an embroidery for me along with some seeds as a birthday present. I love it!! thank you so much Coco, how lovely of you xxo you can see Coco's shop here


  1. lovely things
    made by a lovely person!

    wishing you a happy weekend in your new pretty skirt helen s,


  2. it is perfect size for you, i am glad to see the it.
    thank you for making such a sweet post.

  3. thank you V, hope you have a lovely weekend too xo.

  4. yes the perfect size, thank you, xxo


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