Monday, 20 August 2012

Southport Flower Show

I went to Southport flower show yesterday, my first visit and most definitely not my last. A plethora of magnificent views, everywhere I turned I was attracted to something equally as original and interesting. From the contemporary floristry styling to the edible garden and honey bees, I had a lovely day.
The display and size of home grown veg was completely over whelming, leeks about 4 ft long, that's a lot of leek and potato soup, it was amazing.
I got muddy feet, ate a burger and bought some perfect baskets to take down the allotment.

'Shades' entry first and second place, I think I'd like to have a go at this!

'Strip Off'

'Play it Cool'


'Cool Vibrations'
I love the combination of textiles and flowers on this design

'All the angles'
I am keen on anything that combines natural materials with string and paper, this is a brilliant contrast for me, the brightness of the berries enhances the piece and the newspaper pouches hanging from string, free to move and change are a perfect connection with the title of the class. I love this work.

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