Sunday, 9 September 2012

car boot finds

this morning i headed out to the local sunday car boot in bootle and bagged myself some bargains. a beautiful leather satchel bag minus handle, but that's ok i can makeshift something myself. a lovely stool. a vintage top. a vintage jug. a vintage basket and some lovely dried flower key-rings all of which came to £5, wow!

the toothpaste is from a local shop, it's celebratory packaging so new but in the old style and i think it looks great.
the lemon seed is beginning


  1. Great finds!
    So you have a calico cat as yours as crazy as mine?!
    You have a great blog, thanks for leaving a comment on mine so I could find you.
    : )
    Have a great week.
    xo, j

  2. lemon seed! did you sow that? i never thought about it.
    makes me want to try too.^^
    i like the basket and stool.

  3. she is pretty crazy, and naughty, she also shows off when we have people round to visit, ha. She's very inquisitive but also cuddly x

  4. yes i took the pip from a lemon, you have to cut off the outer shell which is pretty fiddley and then leave it on a wet tissue in a sandwich bag for a few days until it changes to a bright green colour then plant it and wait x


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