Saturday, 8 September 2012

growing and recipes

I've been planting bits and bobs today and finally started a recipe book for all those scrap bits of paper I've been collecting for years to go in. I planted the cardiospermum seeds I received from Coco, I've only planted two, it's not really the right time of year but thought I would give it a go anyway. My avocado pip is doing well and my lemon seed is just poking up through the soil. Tomatoes are coming along, small and slow growing this year, it has been unusual weather though.


  1. I should make a recipe-book too, lots of paper scraps here too :) How lovely to see the tomatoes grow!

  2. i do love seeing things grow, very satisfying, even more satisfying when you get to eat what's growing. Yes a recipe book, finally, i love the scraps of paper though, i think they will still exist, just means i have somewhere to hold them all safely now xxo


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