Friday, 26 October 2012

Lucy Auge, Sarah Raven and very small posies

A while back I won a give away on the lovely Lucy Auge blog, I won some flowers that were from the Sarah Raven shop. I won some Cyclamen bulbs, they arrived a little while back but just got round to photographing and blogging about my lovely winnings. Thank you ladies! I tried to photograph them but my cat Conker immediately claimed the packaging so it's kind of hard to see. I took apart my double ended spray and practised my spirals making some mini posies. Couscous and avocado for lunch xxo


  1. Animals do seem to have a habit of enjoying the Sarah Raven packaging!

    1. i think there is an opportunity for a new range there then! paper pet beds perhaps? heh x

  2. Beautiful flowers! And Conker is such an amazing model! :)


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