Saturday, 6 October 2012

thursday in food

One of my favourite breakfasts is garlic and chilli mushrooms on nice bread toasted. I made a scotch bonnet tomato soup and sweetcorn fritters to go with it, it was so hot I couldn't actually eat it, Chris ate mine as well. My tomato plant is dying off now, a few left on it to ripen yet. Fresh mint tea, you can't beat it sometimes. Our veg-box came and Conker had a right good nose around, happy weekend x


  1. I love everything with mushrooms. And I really like the idea of getting a veg-box, I wish we had that over here!

    1. i love our veg box, once a fortnight a lovely organic veg-box is sat on our door step and e never know what we may get, it is a shame you can't get one x


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