Friday, 16 November 2012

bobbin and bee

when I worked at Ethel's kitchen in Hove I met a beautiful women called George, our lives were full of coincidences, she is originally from Penwortham, as am I, when I worked in a bakery at age 16 George would come in for her lunch as she worked round the corner, she lived on the same road, which is the road my mum's house is on, her partner is from the same village as my partner, we both love pretty vintage dresses, we have the same sense of humour and so on and so on, it was magical, and all this time we had never known each other, we have vague recollections of each other but never knew. The place we met is just short of 300 miles from the village we grew up in. I went into Ethel's kitchen one day, handing out CV's when I had first moved to Brighton, a few weeks later I was hired and George and I have been the best of friends since and luckily our boyfriends are very close too. It is all very romantic. So the point of all this is, my lovely friend who is also the bestest cake maker in the world has moved back up north and opened a little cake business you can see here site here 'bobbin and bee', I highly recommend her and for those of you that know Ethel's kitchen well, which I know many do, she is the maker of the infamous Raspberry and Rose Victoria Cake, the coffee cake, carrot cake and gosh so many more xxo

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