Thursday, 1 November 2012

colour swap, new bangle and the sea of love

I made a new bracelet/bangle for myself today, melting down bits of scrap I had around, inspired by poppy heads, dried poppy head.
My colour swap arrived from Anna, thank you, it is beautiful, I am wearing the flower now, and Conker is asleep on the scarf, which I will soon take back from her, my colours were baby blue, burnt orange and olive green. The swap was organised by the lovely V at a butterfly in my hair, thank you for organising it V, I hope to partake in many more xxo

I can not fault any version, nor choose between.......


  1. I'm glad you like it!! you're welcome!!

  2. Wow, I really like that. So delicate looking.

    Thank you for adding me to your sidebar! Anna x all Annas in the comments :)

    1. I have goose pimples on the photograph, it's so cold now autumn has come, you are welcome x

  3. that bracelette is just precious!


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