Friday, 30 November 2012

some things of late

Lately I have been rather busy with my course and finding less and less time to blog and I'm missing it. Firstly I would like to introduce you to my new venture with my lovely floristry class mate and good friend Caroline, we have decided to blog together about our progress in floristry and our dream and aspirations for the future along with a whole lot of beautiful inspiration, you can visit out blog blooms and beauty and read a little about us and our welcoming post.

Today is my day off, I have made it my day off, I was meant to be busy but feeling a little under the weather so have been tidying up my windowsill of plants instead. Sorting them out, conditioning them, re-potting my plants is always thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic, perfect thing to do when you're feeling a little grotty too. Coco  look at the Cardiospermum seed you gave me, it has become a plant! 

I have lately been making funeral tributes in floristry, practicing ribbon edging and sprays.

Last night the sunset was glorious, happy weekend to you all xxo 


  1. always nice to have some green
    inside. i see my little baby.
    thanks helen.

  2. beautiful plants in your windowsill!

  3. i LOVE seeing photos from your home
    and as you probably already know especially from your kitchen : )

    happy advent weekend,

    1. thanks V, i do love my kitchen, i love my home in general, but we have some damp at the moment and mold, rubbish!! happy advent x


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