Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Curiosity Box Project

my box arrived from my curious friend and it was lovely, I enjoyed all the individually wrapped presents especially the hand made shell brooch the olive green bangle and the jug that belonged to my curiosity partners grandparents, thank you Joanne for all the effort you put in to making my box especially for me. The curiosity project is a project in which you enter your details and a little about yourself and then your information gets passed on to someone and you receive someone else's information and you have  £20 budget to sent them a lovely christmas gift, I love presents! Giving and receiving of course, you can see more about the project here on the flickr page and here on the blog xxo


  1. Helen, so glad you liked the box,i had fun putting it together. Lovely blog too i'm off to have a look around! Merry Christmas :D xxx

    1. merry christmas!! thank you so much for the gift it was thoughtful and lovely, i was very happy after opening it all and reading your not x


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