Tuesday, 4 December 2012


last night we had rosti for tea which is a great way to use up left over potato which is what we were doing, this dish is not healthy! it tastes great though. You literally fry the potatoes that have been mixed with a few other things and then squash them down onto a plate that can go in the oven and pour cream over the top then grated cheese then an egg and put it in the even, when the eggs done the dish is ready and it is heavenly stodge.

In floristry I made a hand bag corsage modelled by the lovely Gemma.

When Conker first became our little kitten a year last October I made her a house from a beer box, she still loves it, she fills it quite a lot more these days but has just as much fun in it and stores her favourite toys in there which is usually screwed up paper balls xxo

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