Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ysbyty Ifan

On Tuesday this week with my floristry class we went to Ysbyty Ifan which is pronounced sort of like "spetivan" sort of, my Welsh is not great! We went there to visit the children, who are all first language Welsh, and teach them some floristry and learn some Welsh from them! There are only 29, I think, children in the school in total, very small amount and all very lovely. It was such a picturesque place to visit and the journey to get there was magical, the sky was incredibly clear and the frost hadn't yet melted it's first layer from the glistening sun so everything had a light dusting of winter on it and the peaks of Snowdon could be seen from the route we were taking. Once in the village the crisp day meant everything looked  perfect and I imagined myself living there in a little cottage with an open fire. We went in to the church which had an organ in the corner with the sun coming through the window and just hitting the edge of it creating the look of an Edward Hopper painting. I think I can speak for the whole class when I say we had an excellent time and felt most welcome by everyone in the village. If you are in the area of Snowdonia National Park I highly recommend a visit to Ysbyty Ifan xxo


  1. wonderful place & fotos!
    i would definately visit if i was close enough :)

  2. I remember that day more than anything! I loved it! Every single bit, and the stockings I made for the children! <3

    1. Hello!! How are you, Lovely to see you here online. It was a lovely day x x


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