Thursday, 31 January 2013

liebster award

I received the 'liebster' blog award from Evdokia who is the owner of 'have a kookie' blog. Thank you E. So firstly I must tell you 11 random things about myself, followed by answering the 11 questions Evdokia asked me and then finally I must pass this on to 11 blogs that I follow that have less than 300 followers, with 11 questions of my own, so here goes.

Bits about me

  • one of my toes is bent a different way from the other toes and I blame my mum
  • I always sing in the shower and it often ends up me singing the same three songs, Mr Sandman, Baby mine from dumbo and or Que Sera Sera sometimes songs by Mirah or NIna Nastasia pop up every now and again oh and Dusty Springfields 'The windmills of your mind'
  • Every single Wes Anderson film is amazing
  • I was an East 17 girl not a take that one
  • Sometimes I stay in bed until 12
  • I wish I was in a band sometimes
  • I love to eat crisps
  • I eat too many crisps
  • the sound of leaves crunching under my feet in autumn is a favourite
  • I've found the person I will grow old with
  • I really enjoy making popcorn but always get the kernels stuck in my teeth

Questions from Evdokia

1. day or night?    Day and night? Can I put that? I enjoy both equally for different reasons, day is good for beautiful walks and night is great for films,food,wine and cosiness.

2. the song that makes you feel good.  this song

3. big city or small town? small town, I have lived in a few big cities and enjoyed my time there very much but now I prefer more rural areas and familiar faces

4. if you could choose your name which one would it be? Rocky

5. your favorite animal? snow leopard 

6. round, triangle or square? tricky one, I guess square is what I use post, I like framing something, but I do love circles on clothing and triangles for jewellery.

7. which was the last movie you saw? this one and it was beautiful 

8. your favorite smell. I enjoy smelling my partners neck when we hug, it's familiar and comforting

9. a cup of tea or a cup of coffee? tea always, from a pot preferably 

10. first thing to do in the morning. feed my kitten

11. first thought comes to your head. was checking whether feeding my kitten was the first thing I did, and realised putting the heating on is the first thing at the moment because it's so cold, then feed kitten.

The blogs I choose not including yours Evdokia, but I would choose yours if you hadn't sent it to me;

Saida b

more than 11 but some rules are there to be broken

My 11 questions to you are

1. Have you tasted snow?

2. What was the last thing you ate that you had cooked?

3. Would you rather work on a farm or in a factory?

4. What memory do you have about one of you teeth falling out?

5. What couldn't you live without?

6. Three songs you like?

7. Film you think everyone should watch?

8. Food staple?

9. Favourite smoothie combination?

10. trousers or dresses?

11. flowers or plants? 

I look forward to seeing your responses, thanks again Evdokia xxo 


  1. helen!
    i loved your answers! made me smile!
    i was about to put this one too >
    "the sound of leaves crunching under my feet in autumn is a favourite"
    and great questions too!

    have a beautiful weekend!

  2. Thank you so so much for picking me out ! So sweet of you.
    I'll answer your questions up here, if you don't mind.


    1. Have you tasted snow?
    Every time when I see the first snowflakes of the year, I run outside and stick my tongue out of my mouth to taste the first snow.

    2. What was the last thing you ate that you had cooked?
    A salade with feta and sundried tomatoes

    3. Would you rather work on a farm or in a factory?
    I would say 'farm', but if it's a textile factory I'll chose for the factory.

    4. What memory do you have about one of you teeth falling out?
    The horrible taste after the teeth had fallen out. yak.

    5. What couldn't you live without?
    I couldn't live without my weekly coffee in my favorite coffee bar (and also not without weaving / creating)

    6. Three songs you like?
    'Terrible angels' from Cocorosie, 'candles' from daughter and 'baby' from devendra banhart

    7. Film you think everyone should watch?
    "The science of sleep"

    8. Food staple?
    (I don't understand this question. Sorry sorry)

    9. Favourite smoothie combination?
    Strawberry and banana

    10. trousers or dresses?
    Dresses. I just have 1 pair of trousers and they are to sleep.

    11. flowers or plants?

    1. lovely answers!!! food staple means,which food do you always have in and eat most and add to most recipes x


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