Friday, 25 January 2013

Sashiko inspired mending

I'm not opposed to a hole in the knee of my jeans in a Jordan Catalano kind of way, but I wanted to have a go at some Sashiko stitch mending and this is how it went. I have them on now, no longer just my summer jeans, I can wear them when it's cold too as no breeze anymore.

I first heard of Sashiko when I stumbled upon Cocos blog, I realised I had seen this form of stitching before but I did not know what it was called or anything about it. I have since begun research into Sashiko and it's origins and have also discovered there are many artists who work in the realms of Sashiko making the most beautiful items.

I will be spending more time discovering Sashiko and will keep you updated on my findings xxo 

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