Thursday, 17 January 2013

season cravings - winter

what we've been eating lately,

chicken broth which I made from Sophie Dahl's 'soul soothing chicken' recipe, I have made it many times now and consider it the way I will make broth forever, it is delicious and the roast potatoes are made using the fat from roasting the chicken, it really is 'soul soothing chicken', if i know i'm going to make this I feel giddy all day

bubble and squeak with bacon in and red wine and onion gravy, the best recipe for using up everything that needs to be eaten soon or will be wasted, I love it and it's a great form of comfort

mushrooms with a stilton sauce and crusty bread for dipping, delicious, we received a lot of cheese as our christmas present and we are working our way through it nicely

we crave for the seasons, at the moment all I want to eat is comfort and warmth


  1. It all looks wonderful and I will have to try the chicken broth. I loved Sophie's cooking programs, she has such a sweet soul. I should have got her book!

    1. i don't own her book either, might have to treat myself! yes loved the series


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