Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tove Jansson

i just watched a documentary of the life of tove jansson, incredibly interesting and most inspiring


  1. happy new year sarah!!: )

    a little while back i read a biography of tove j and it was so interesting. wouls really like to watch that documentary too.

    i wish you all the best for this new year sarah
    i truly look forward to continue reading your lovely blog. one of my daily reads : )


  2. happy new year!!
    I'm big fan of Mummins as Vibeke knows ;) I would like to see this documentary, can you let me know the title?
    hug ,


  3. I would LOVE to see this. Looks like I cannot get it here... Darn.

  4. here is another slink you can all try but I am not sure whether it will work sorry, http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/2012/tv-moominland-tales-the-life-of-tove-jansson/ you can try the titel of the documentary is 'moomintales - the life of tove jansson' xxo


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