Sunday, 3 February 2013

a weekend in food and flowers

the past few days in food and flowers,

a hostess bouquet assessment 

spanish omelette

avocado on toast, mm a favourite

chicken bone soup or stock

chicken, pea, mushroom and goats cheese risotto


a posy for nan's birthday

today was my nan's birthday and also my brothers second daughters christening, my nan has these photos in her purse, they are of my brother and I many moons ago

hope you've all had a lovely weekend xxo


  1. Beautiful and delicious :-)

  2. It all looks very tasty and the flower arrangements are very pretty...

  3. Ahhh Helen, you were a cutey as a child. Hope you are well xx

    1. i am well thank you, how are you? have you seen i have passed the leibster award onto you x

  4. beautiful posy for your nan! happy birthday!
    you were a sweet and happy little girl


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