Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Quiltfest Llangollen

The other week I visited Llangollen to look at an exhibition called Quiltfest and to also meet with a lady who specialises in Sashiko quilting, Susan Briscoe. I had an excellent day and learnt a lot about different areas to explore in regards to the history of Sashiko and also how to pronounce Sashiko, which is pronounced 'sashko' the 'i' is silent.

I also met Maurine Poole who had with her a hexagon family quilt dating back to 1867. This quilt had been handed down four generations and each generation had been adding hexagons to it. It was started through necessity and is now being added to for enjoyment. Some of the hexagons are lined with old envelopes and school books. Maurine told me some great stories.


  1. 1867! I like the idea of the family adding hexagons.

    1. yes i know!! the reason they know the date is because of the patterns on the fabric but also because of some of lining used having stamps it has been dated form the stamps. lovely isn't it x


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