Friday, 29 March 2013

the perfect friday

Started off the day with a croissant and homemade jam breakfast, and of course a cup of tea. The fruit for the jam is from my grandparents garden, I've had it in the freezer for some time and finally got round to making some jam. We set out to find some cheese, mostly because I wanted some , we went to Southport Market  and ended up not only getting some lovely cheese from the Liverpool Cheese Company but some scallops and sea bass from Peets Plaice  (great pun). We have friends coming over tomorrow so an excellent feast we shall have. We strolled back to the sea front and stopped at a book shop along the way, there was a sign "needle work, fashion and feminine interest" to let my partner know what section I would be in, there was no need for me to talk even, well that's not unless I was spoken to of course. That said I did make purchase of three pretty beautiful books, one being a Laura Ashley interior design book and another has some excellent fabric dye recipes in. Hope you've had a lovely start to your weekend all, off to families now for a pizza, beer and film night xxo

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