Monday, 1 April 2013

beach walks

we had friends come visit this weekend and it was lovely, we went for a beautiful beach walk and looked at all the bricks from houses that are now in pieces on the seafront, there were some interesting items. I'm just trying to find out the history of these houses and why they are rubble, I shall update when I know. Hope you've all had a glorious weekend and lovely break x 

I have since found out thanks to a few lovely helpers on Twitter, that the bricks are from houses that were destroyed during the blitz in Bootle after WW2 and they were moved to the sea front as a sea defence, thank you to @abettercrosby  and @Crosbyhistory for your help, and a few other people.  


  1. amazing beach walk
    and beach findings!
    beautiful place!

    have a lovely april helen!

  2. How curious! I'd love to know more about these houses too!

    1. They were bombed in the blitz during second world war and out down there as sea defence x

  3. Interesting beach walk, I like those rock-treasures you found.

    1. beautiful aren't they, lots of great things down there, could spend hours rummaging and reading x

  4. love this pics!!!
    qué envidia me has dado!! :D
    buena semana Helen!


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