Friday, 12 April 2013

Sashiko inspired mending project open to all

This post is for anyone who is interested whether I already know you or not, whether you live in the UK or in New Zealand, Australia, Iceland or France, anywhere. I would like to mend your clothes for you. I would like you to send me an item of clothing that you own or belongs to someone you know and has a hole in it or a tear, or is just on the verge of becoming possibly unwearable, I would like you to post that item to me and then mend it for you, using a running stitch inspired by Sashiko techniques and reinforcement embroidery and stitching techniques. The only catch is, I get to mend the item with free artistic licence, making the damage to the garment a focus, a decorative and beautiful part of the item. I will mend the item and photograph it and send it back to you so you can carry on enjoying it. It could be a shirt, a dress, a cardigan, a bag, all sorts. If you are interested in this project please email me on you can also visit here to see more about the project which is for my masters degree. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. helen! what a great project!
    i am sure i have something with a hole or a tear...!
    i will e-mail you dear!

    1. oh lovely!! I'm glad you want to take part x x

  2. this is such a GREAT project!
    i have taken some photos of a few things that you maybe can consider if you want to put your mending hands on or not.
    just sent an e-mail to you with the photos attached.

    looking forward to hear from you
    wishing you the very best of luck with this project
    for your masters degree.

    if you like i would love to tell about it at my blog...
    let me know what you think.


    1. ohh yes please do mention it on your blog, lovely stuff. I received the email, shall reply via email xxo


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