Friday, 19 April 2013

simple things

I'm quite a messy worker really, I can't deny it, in my head I want to work in a tidy space and it does bother me, a bit, but on  whole a I don't mind, I like to spread out and see everything in front of me, plus there is some organisation, in my own way.  I do have a desk upstairs but we live in a maisonette with our upstairs in the roof so all the windows are skylights and I like to be able to look outside, so I have set up post in the kitchen. My metalwork tools and sewing machine are upstairs on that desk.

Planting today, I have been too busy lately to even get my seeds sewn yet so only just started the germinating process, it's still early in the year though and the weather hasn't really been too great. Today has been so bright and warm and I feel happy, like I have a spring in my step. I had an assessment for my Masters yesterday which went ok, just ok, they are never nice are they, viva voice talking about your work and where you're taking it.

I went on a trip to london the other week and we made a visit to the garden museum where I purchased one of the bottle tops you can see on the photograph, they fit on pretty much any plastic bottle and make it into a mini watering can, so simple, the design idea of this little gadget makes me so happy, what a perfect way to reuse a plastic bottle and I don't know about you but I have been keen to find a watering can with such a fine spray for years, it's perfect!! Click here for a link if you would like to purchase one.

It's friday, weeks go so fast, happy weekend to you all, have a lovely one xxo


  1. i make a mess when i do crafts too...!
    or when i am baking or cooking :)
    but i am a very good cleaner afterwards! haha!-
    isn't it funny that the cat is going to sit anywhere :)-
    very cute gadget indeed!-
    wish you a lovely weekend helen!

    1. she sits anywhere she can as long as it's near where I am, very sweet. I need to get good at the tidying. I tidy certain places it's just my desk is one of those places that I feel justified in leaving a little messy!! xx x

  2. Thanks for showing your place!
    I love to have a tidy place when I start to work, but it get's messy so so fast in the process.
    Although I try to clean it as often as possible, it is like having a blank page infront of me then. My mind feels free to start to create. I also like to be able to look outside the window.

    1. Everyone is tidier than me!!! ha ha, maybe I need to be a little tidier on my desk, it might organise my ideas a little x

  3. is it the kitchen your studio?
    beuatigul floor!

    1. i work in the kitchen yes but also have a desk upstairs but i prefer the light down here x


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