Thursday, 25 April 2013

trip to london and other what nots

trip to London and other what nots

exhibition at Tate Britain


'Craft' exhibiton at Somerset House

Butterfly house at Natural History Museum

The Science Museum


Back from a few days in London this was my welcome home meal

something made by me

trip to Morecombe to see my Pa

I'm not a heel wearer never have been, I'm trying to ease myself in because I've decided I wouldn't mind wearing a heel every now and again. I'm easing in with these lovely clogs I purchased from ebay. It's working I think but when I wear them (which by the way is only round the house) I feel like I'm dressing up in my mums clothes and probably look like it! xxo 


  1. loving the necklace made by you x

  2. the butterflies are scary big! :) -
    the white flowers in the second foto are so elegant!

    1. they were massive, I wanted one to land on me but it didn't x


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