Sunday, 26 May 2013

chicken dinner, beaches and bangles


today after work I went home and immediately changed out of my work clothes into summer, I wanted to enjoy sunday as though I'd had the day off, I put a chicken on to roast and head to the beach, I'm reading 'the summer book' by Tove Jansson, I can't put it down at the moment, about a magical friendship, a book that makes me laugh loudly when no one else is around, a companion. I buried my toes in the sand and looked up occasionally to see what dogs were running around.  I'm home now and the chicken is in the process of it's second leg of cooking, with the vegetables and fresh herbs, making a clear broth, the fat is set aside for the roast potatoes and I am enjoying a cold glass of wine whilst I wait.

I have been making bangles for a loved ones birthday celebrations, happy birthday Alice, enjoy xxo 



  1. those bangles are so elegant!
    lucky friends :)
    your chicken looks delicious!
    always food with pretty colors!
    have a good new week!

    1. thank you evdokia, you have a lovely week too xxo


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