Tuesday, 28 May 2013

how many meals can be made for two people using one chicken?

so far I have made five meals since cooking a free range chicken,

1, avocado, tomato, celery and chicken salad with a home made mustard dressing.

2, chicken broth, with roast potatoes and parsnips cooked in the fat from the chicken served with peas, carrots and celery. (half of this was left over and is now in the freezer)

3, chicken, chorizo, tomato and tarragon pasta (made by Chris)

4, chicken sandwich on white bread (made by Chris)

5, broccoli and stilton soup made with chicken stock (we had the bones and bits in the slow cooker and this produced our stock, half has been used in this soup, the other half is in the freezer)

6, mushroom risotto using chicken stock (made by Chris)

what sort of dishes do you make if you cook a whole chicken?

it is important to me to use the food I have in, I aim to throw little away and most of the time in our household we achieve this very well, I have been researching lately into our throw away culture, I am researching it for my Sashiko project in regards to clothing and the manufacturing process and the cost of new clothing from some high street shops. It is clear though that this does not exist just around clothing but also food, technology, cars, and other things.  It is unclear where a line is drawn; when is something to be thrown away and when can it be reused and how many people throw things away that are in perfectly usable condition and when they do, why do they?



  1. Ohhh I love this post and the dishes all look delicious!
    "Waste" by Tristram Stuart made a huge impact on me when I read it. It focuses on food but it makes its point clearly!

    1. thank you for that I shall look it up and have a read!!


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