Wednesday, 8 May 2013

made and grown

I made this plate from crank clay and rolled lace onto it to get this pattern but during the drying it has cracked, I shall try again, it is rather thin, maybe make it a bit thicker next time.

growing indoors when you have no outside space

I love this idea, I can't remember where I saw it now, it was some years back, what a brilliant way to reuse plastic bottles, I'm growing lettuce in it 


  1. Growing indoors is such a great idea! I'll have to try it since I'm moving to a new house, with no outdoor space.

    1. oh it's easy too, you can't grow everything indoors but i have toms, chills, salad, beetroot, peas, x

  2. i love your growing indoors project :)
    and the plate is beautiful even with the crack!

    1. thank you, I might fire it anyway, it's too pretty to break up x


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