Thursday, 30 May 2013

sashiko worthy : 'Shippo tsunagi' (linked seven treasures) tutorial...


I have done a tutorial on how I Sashiko stitched this  apron , you can see it here on my Sashiko project blog



  1. i LOVE this apron helen,
    so beautiful.

  2. helen, outside is raining all day today.
    i sit here and making sashiko stiches...
    new pattern i am creating myself and thinking
    of you and your sashiko memebers.
    would like to show you when i finihed.

    do you meet your sashiko members regularly?

    1. I meeting with another group of ladies on Tuesday next week. I would love to see your stitch and definitely love to see it myself too. Yes please either email me or post on your blog what you have created. How exciting. I am trying to invent my own stitch too for a wall hanging :)


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