Friday, 14 June 2013

carrot flower and cardiospermum

after I chopped the tops off my carrots and used the rest to eat I decided to try planting the tops and see what happens, my friend Lauren had recommended this to me and said that the top leaf was edible and very nutritious and good in smoothies or salads. I haven't actually eaten any but I have decided to let them grow to seed and produce some beautiful flowers. The flowers are already on their way, can't wait.
Cardiospermum from seeds Coco gave me 
a ball of fur
weekend begins, here's some songs to enjoy it with

Josephine Foster conversation



  1. ah, i hope they will bring you lots of balloons to your
    so good to see the little seed growing there.

  2. your veg box looks always so delicious!
    beautiful greens
    and lovely furry ball :)
    have a lovely weekend helen!

  3. Lovely images. Did you know that carrot tops make a sunny yellow in the dye pot too? :)

    1. ohhh lovely, no I didn't know that, thank you for telling me, I shall experiment :)


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