Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Floristry competition

I entered a competition, I did not win but I had excellent feedback

here is the concept; it was for an interior design show


This design is influenced by the journey I take six times a week to and fro. Every day I notice how beautiful the roadsides are and I watch the flowers bloom as they show me each stage of their growth.

Bringing a little of the outdoors in can enable a peaceful tranquillity that resides warmly within any home and what better way to adorn your home with nature than using the flowers that grow around you.

Roadside flowers are often overlooked and I am using this piece to demonstrate how not only can you benefit from adding fresh beautiful natural items to your home but also seizing an opportunity to celebrate the underrated beauty that embellishes our everyday lives.

This item pertains to natural states of growth that coincide with ecosystems allowing pollinators to thrive and it is linked with the encouragement of growing where you can, for example, urban growing on windowsills - both lavender and chives are used in this design and could be grown successfully on any sunny windowsill.

It’s all about bringing the outdoors in and using the indoor space you have to achieve this. 


I also made a corsage and a hand tied bouquet.

I took everything home with me but I did not want the hand tied bouquet as I realised I had nowhere to put it where my cat would not knock it over but I felt sad that the bouquet may not be enjoyed so whilst sat in the front garden a man walked past and I said "excuse me, do you have a girlfriend or a wife?" he said yes and looked at me strangely, I reached towards him with the design and said "here take this to her" he looked at me strangely again, I said " I have been in a competition today and made a few pieces, and don't want it, I would like this to be enjoyed" the man looked at Chris (my partner) as if to ask for his approval, Chris looked back as if to say, 'yeah sure take it'. He took it from me and said "we were just married on Friday" and I said "how perfect then" and he left.



  1. :) I like a lot these kind of stories! And beautiful arrangement!

    1. :) thank you, it took me a while and even though I did not win, I like it and felt proud of it x


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