Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jo's loft

Last week I ordered a lip balm from Jo's loft. I can't remember exactly how I came across Jo's blog but I know it was when I was researching natural dying (which I have done a little of but aim to explore more once finished my MA and floristry). I became instantly hooked and added her blog to my blogroll straight away so I could keep up to date with what Jo was making/doing.

Jo's blog is a little about what she makes, a little about observation, a little about her home life and a little about what inspires her. I feel like I am on the same wave length as Jo even though all I know of her is through her blog and it's always a pleasure to see what she has been up. 

So recently one of her posts was about her natural lip balm so I thought I shall buy one and so I did and it arrived yesterday and it is delicious, reminds me of mint choc chip ice-cream (my friend Caroline originally said this after she tried some on and I agree). I was not disappointed and it was beautifully wrapped and packaged, especially love the bee label.

Thank you very much Jo



  1. i have just visited jo's etsy store!
    the natural dye kit is added to my favorites!
    and the kit of making lip balm too!!!!
    thank you for sharing!

    1. ohh lovely, I love it when you find something great and all you want to do is share it, feels nice, enjoy x


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