Friday, 28 June 2013


wired posy, every single material in this posy is wired and taped, takes some doing
Conker thinks that everything I own belongs to her (which is does, I'm a big softy) and that she can bop it and destroy it, 
indoor garden is doing well and my avocado plant has had  a little growth spurt
bubble and squeak
my friends new kitten, little Bailey 
have a lovely weekend all



  1. what a beautiful bouquet!!!!
    and lovely bracelets too!
    and this little kitty, adorable!
    is it bailey from the drink? :)

    1. the bracelets I found in a charity shop, the two of them for 50p, I was thinking to make my own version of them. It may well be why they chose that name, knowing the owner, probably!! x x


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