Thursday, 6 June 2013

present from Anna at faire-la-bise

My beautiful friend Anna gave me a special hand made gift yesterday, an origami necklace that she has made and it is perfect. I can not wait to wear it, proudly, with a plain dress so that the boldness of the necklace stands out more. It is a skill that I do not know anything about so how it is made it a mystery to me and therefore all the more intriguing and special. I often find myself, because of my training as a silversmith and being a maker in general, holding items and trying to work out how it was made, each step of the process I try to think through and I correct myself if I think I have not worked it out quite right, does anyone else do this? It does not mean I enjoy an item any less but maybe sometimes I think I wish I could just look at something and enjoy it for what it is for longer before I try to work out how it was made. This necklace made by Anna allows me to do this, I can just look at it (which I keep doing, just holding it) and be in awe of the skill and enjoy it for what it is without trying to work out how it was made.
thank you Anna



  1. Replies
    1. isn't it beautiful, she's open to commissions so if you'd like one let me know and I'll pass you on to her

  2. wow, I have never seen something like this before!

  3. Thanks Helen for such a kind, thoughtful post..I actually squealed (as much as you can in a Library) when I saw your post. So glad you like it xx


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