Friday, 21 June 2013

the little flower blog

I will be doing a weekly post on a Friday over at the little flower blog and on a Wednesday I shall be taking part in a joint post with Caroline the co founder of the little flower blog, take a look 
I am also using this photograph to enter Jo's nature in the home series over at the little green shed blog, this week's challenge was 'gift'

I am entering this post because it is a gift to have met the lovely Caroline on my floristry course who I endeavour to create a prosperous future with in the world of art and floristry and our joint blog venture together is just the beginning

p.s. always a gift to have fresh flowers in your home



  1. good flowery news!

    1. thank you Evdokia, we are starting this new venture together, we studied together and now we hope to grow our business together x


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