Wednesday, 7 August 2013

around the home and bits and bobs

round the house
conker is desperate to go outside, we've had to keep her inside to make sure she gets used to her new home but let her outside today for the first time and she absolutely loved it
along with my uni work i have been sorting through my belongings and getting rid of things that we either don't use or need anymore, i sold some at a car boot on sunday, have you ever been to a car boot? i love them, but i did have to get up at 5am
we went to a wedding at the weekend and it was beautiful
it was gay pride in liverpool this weekend
hope you're all well



  1. i see you in the mirror helen! :)
    lovely home bits!
    with such a lovely garden
    conker will enjoy her out walks too for sure!
    lovely bag!!!!
    and cute glass tag!

    1. yes the wedding was beautiful, and conker is really really enjoying being outside x


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